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Christina J. Chua

32 articles found featuring Christina J. Chua.

Different colours and shapes of squares

SO-FAR so good

To Bright New HORIZONS Christina J. Chua
Still from Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins

SO-FAR plays

Crackling Symphonies for the Cold World Giorgio Chiappa, Christina J. Chua
Susan Sentler Movement Project still image

SO-FAR studios

On Movement, Rhythm and Data Christina J. Chua, Susan Sentler, Jamie Forth
Site specific wall installation, dimensions and materials adaptable per site

SO-FAR focus

To New Routes: A Conversation with Heman Chong Heman Chong , Christina J. Chua
The Mermaids, or Aiden in Wonderland

SO-FAR collects

Collecting, Silicon: KADIST (Paris & San Francisco) Christina J. Chua
Crumpled poster on the ground
Boedi Widjaja, Path. 6, Unpacking my Library.

SO-FAR focus

Displaced Trees: A Conversation with Boedi Widjaja Boedi Widjaja, Christina J. Chua
ReUnion App: View all P2P relationships
Documentation of participants preparing to engage in dance

SO-FAR archive

Zoom, Click, Waltz Christina J. Chua, Sarah Choo Jing
Marco Cassani, Fountain (Gunung Kawi), 2017
Ghost Source (The Gift of Automation)
Rosana Antoli, Deriville, 2018. Image courtesy of Pompidou Museum Malaga and the artist.

SO-FAR studios

Virtual Choreographies Christina J. Chua, CLOT Magazine
Choy Ka Fai - Unbearable Darkness, 2018 performance
Brandon Tay Facade 2019
Teow Yue Han - Alice, Bob & Eve
The classic text of Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H. Lawrence next to its AI adaption, Lady Chatterley's Tinderbot, composed by Libby Heaney.
Water Bodies
Everything is absolutely alright, and perfectly fine (nothing is wrong)

SO-FAR studios

The Echo Chamber: An Email Exchange with Lai Yu Tong Christina J. Chua, Lai Yu Tong
Tara Kelton, Still Life with a Curtain, 2016
Machine Training with Visual Overlay
Juka Araikawa, Man in a Room 11, 2018
Life Circuit
Screen Enjamb (Impasse)
3-Part Pscyhobuilding
Horizon 99 by lhtttt
Felix Mollinga, Databall_, 2018
Debbie Ding, The Library of Pulau Saigon
Teow Yue Han, Performing the Smart Nation
Charles Lim Yi Yong, Cannot Take photographic artwork
Chok Si Xuan, Affect, Roger&Sons, 2019

SO-FAR reviews

It’s the Year 2019, and We Hope… Christina J. Chua
Dissolving margins, Installation view, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, LASALLE College of the Arts, 2018. Photo: Weizhong Deng.

SO-FAR reviews

Dissolving Margins, Defying Gravity Christina J. Chua
A CCTV camera on a wall painted in flowers