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Tara Kelton Still Life with a Curtain visual piece from 2015

Tara Kelton, Still life with a curtain, 2015, digital print, 63 x 86 cm © Courtesy the artist and GALLERYSKE, Bengaluru.

Issue 2

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence presents an anthropocentric perspective on our manmade creations, comparing their potentials to the faculties of the human species.

Chapter 2: Body & Hands

“Body and Hands” alights on the intersections of AI, bodily movement, craftsmanship and labour. An artist journals his foray into coding algorithms that emulate modern dancers. A poet responds in ekphrasis to an artist who freestyles with a sewing machine. Finally, so-far asks an artist and a technology think-tank lawyer about how AI is trained on the backs of invisible bodies and surrogate labour.

Tara Kelton, Still Life with a Curtain, 2016
Artwork made using a sewing machine
discrete figures

Chapter 3: Eyes & Vision

“Eyes and Vision” presents both speculative and applied perspectives of computer vision. The chapter opens with a short story on a man who has an unorthodox attachment to a pair of binoculars. so-far speaks with abstract painter on her fascination with glitches in the machine vision of autonomous cars. Finally, an augmented reality technologist provides an artist with a tutorial on creating face filters.

Water Bodies
Closed during opening hours
Converse Construct: Three Humps - Version 1.2

Chapter 4: Language & Voice

“Language & Voice” touches on the political and social implications of natural language processing and chatbots. Against a backdrop of rising nationalism around the world, so-far chats with an artist-physicist and an entrepreneur-advisor on how the linguistics of AI are encoded with prevailing dogmas. An artist presents a poem, in an effort to find a language that flirts with the idiosyncrasies of gait recognition.

Chimera swagger silhouettes
The classic text of Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H. Lawrence next to its AI adaption, Lady Chatterley's Tinderbot, composed by Libby Heaney.

Chapter 5: Thought & Personhood

“Thought and Personhood” considers how we can understand AI emotionally, morally, philosophically and existentially. A new media artist questions a roboticist designing machines for emotional care, especially for the elderly. Then so-far speaks with a start-up that is approaching AI ethics from a point of accessibility and explainability. Finally, we have an in-depth conversation with a digital artist, a contemporary art curator, and Google’s curator for the Artists + Machine Intelligence programme.

Brandon Tay Facade 2019
Teow Yue Han - Alice, Bob & Eve
Mobile robot from the lab

Chapter 6: Soul & Spirit

"Soul and Spirit" concludes the Issue with a deeper dive into the supernatural, provoking the vibrations, energies and pathways of AI beyond the material present. A writer posits the world's first life extension app. so-far interviews an artist on his journey throughout Asia documenting shamanistic practices, with the hope that an AI can achieve a state of trance. Finally, a philosopher considers Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey", the limits of our biological, terrestrial finitude, and what lies beyond.

A Space Odyssey film still with the monolith
Choy Ka Fai - Unbearable Darkness, 2018 performance
Tiri Kananuruk - TK1971 performance