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Seen a Lung Cloth

Poet Adam Staley Groves responds in ekphrasis to artworks by Ryo Matsuoka, an artist who creates with a sewing machine.

Artwork made using a sewing machine

Ryo Matsuoka, Untitled, 2019

When this lung cloth

Was made, it made

Its own question, as afterfact.

Above and below; won’t determine.

By spider


We know its feat, less features

Forget coordinates

Grafted by our stars, the world’s desire, its geometral dementia


Lithe fingeringing

Upon a cloudsheet.

The Cloud etches this bent symmetry

The Cloud etches the clouds appearing

. . .

Ryo Matsuoka, Untitled, 2019

Ryo Matsuoka, Untitled, 2019

By the way,

Warmth has no hue.

In another way

Just as a fist takes, from time to time, the form of the Cloud.

Just as

A heart aspires, to a cloud

Just fist

Like a fist, it presses the heart’s spasm

Into the, the world

Just as the heart’s four chambers

There are four fingers

And one abductor pollicis , the heal of the hand

This is a pivot from which

soft spasms of the heart

Tell stories of an underlung spider.

Forget the palm’s geometry dementia

Hearing hueless moans

Feeling once wet tones

Flung voice, drying in sky

And wont reach

The palm of the sky

A heart vapour.

. . .

Ryo Matsuoka, Untitled, 2019

Ryo Matsuoka, Untitled, 2019

He was told

Cardiomancy made

From its electric oven

A bird.

Impaled by grass

Burnt by seastreams.

The terminus was not a finger,

More like a pen, with a foot.

To the poet

Art is ever only form

Which has representation

As it.

And says that poet

Please be pieces.

Just as the hand guides the hand

Just as the foot’s pierced by a terminus

The seaflamed bird shatters upon turf

The machine dreams well

Just the, the image on cloth

. . .

Ryo Matsuoka, Untitled, 2019

Ryo Matsuoka, Untitled, 2019

Did you know

We won’t need separation

Or recollection.

Arachne still hangs, but not still.

The poems must remain poems

The machine is still and that, is close enough.

    Artists and Contributors

     Ryo Matsuoka picture

    Ryo Matsuoka

    Born in 1974 in Tokyo, Ryo Matsuoka is an independent artist working away from the critics and curators of the Tokyo art scene. He creates in all sorts of locations, from live painting events at shops in Harajuku, to clubs, cafes, and on the rooftops of buildings. His vibrant work varies from embroideries on T-shirts, to immersive hanging tapestries, floor-to-ceiling paintings on canvas and paper, lanterns, ceramics, lithographs, and more. Ryo has collaborated with L’ECLAIREUR Paris, JOYCE Hong Kong, Barneys New York and Yohji Yamamoto, and exhibits in Japan and around the world.

    Adam Staley Groves

    Adam Staley Groves

    Adam Staley Groves is an academic teacher, author, and poet, receiving both Master's and PhD in Philosophy, Art, and Critical Thought from the European Graduate School, Saas-Fee, Switzerland. Adam holds a second PhD in Modern Thought, from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. His research interests are situated in modern poetry and an ethics of the imagination particular to the user of everyday technologies. Translated and published as a poet in France, Adam has worked with noted poet and scholar, Philippe Beck and theorist Judith Balso. In 2013, Adam’s poetry was recognised by the French philosopher, Alain Badiou who situated his work as a “return to the poetry of thought.” Adam has authored two volumes of poetry: “Poetry Vocare” (2011) and “Filial Arcade” (2013). In 2016, Adam’s poem “Etui” and its concept ‘ob-literate’, based on a translation of Walter Benjamin’s “The Destructive Character” was adopted into an experimental musical composition sponsored by Gadaemus Foundation (Muziekweek) in The Netherlands. His monograph “Wallace Stevens and Speculative Poetry”, will be published by Punctum Books, USA. A lifelong musician in the DIY mode, Adam writes and records music with his collaborators in Singapore. He also practices drawing and floristry.