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last updated 07 March 2022

On SO-FAR and Community

SO-FAR is a new media collective for Web3. Founded in 2019, SO-FAR is the first curated NFT marketplace for fine and new media artists utilising the Solana blockchain, featuring future-oriented editorial coverage on art, technology, Web3, crypto, and more. To learn more about SO-FAR, stop by our About page.

On Collecting from SO-FAR

At SO-FAR we treat NFTs first and foremost as fine artworks and cultural artefacts that exist on-chain. Although these NFTs all have financial value as blockchain assets, this is definitely not the sole reason for their existence. Likewise, we ask that all collectors look for the aesthetic value of the NFTs, and spend time learning about the intention, narrative and meaning behind the artworks. This is why we actively publish essays and interviews on our publication, host conversations with our artists on Discord and Twitter Spaces, stage activations with other Web3 communities, and organise events within the traditional art world.

We encourage you to discover more about the artist’s practice, which is usually far deeper and wider than the medium of NFTs. In this way, collecting an NFT through SO-FAR is an invitation and a gateway to discovering the artist’s fuller body of work.

SO-FAR artists are interdisciplinary in nature, meaning that they often work with a wide array of mediums and disciplines, from VR, gaming, design, architecture, to sound, film and moving image, performance, sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, and so much more. By collecting SO-FAR’s NFTs and supporting our artists, you are supporting their broader practices which have registers in the off-chain world beyond Web3. We hope that this one step to purchasing an NFT will lead you from an NFT buyer, trader and collector — into an art patron. Read more about innovative forms of new media and NFT collections here.

On Payment

USDC stands for USD Coin. It is a cryptocurrency stablecoin that is the equivalent of the US Dollar ($1 USDC is always valued at $1 USD). Each USDC token also represents a real US dollar that is being held in reserve.


An NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. When something like a token is non-fungible, it means that the digital asset is unique/one-of-a-kind and cannot be exchanged for other NFTs. It is protected using blockchain and smart contract technology (see “blockchain” and “smart contract” below), and can only be owned by one person at a time.