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Caterina Riva

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Technologies of Care and XVI Quadriennale d’Arte
Screenshot of A hook but no fish

SO-FAR studios

Sriwhana Spong: A Re-Enchantment of the World Caterina Riva, Sriwhana Spong
Lawrence Lek, AIDOL [still], 2019, HD video, stereo sound, 85'. Image credit © Lawrence Lek, courtesy Sadie Coles HQ, London. 

SO-FAR studios

AI, Celebrities and Singapore: An Interview with Lawrence Lek Caterina Riva, Lawrence Lek
Miao Ying, Chinternet Plus, 2016, 'First Look: New Art Online', New Museum.

SO-FAR studios

Miao Ying: Beyond the Great Firewall of China Caterina Riva