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Artists Rights

  1. Artists who mint on the SO-FAR platform have full legal and beneficial ownership of the Artworks expressed in the medium of NFTs, until they pass in title to Collectors upon purchase.
  2. All intellectual property rights and copyrights arising in, or registered in relation to the Artworks and all reproductions of the Artworks shall be vested solely in the Artist, or his/her Estate, in perpetuity.
  3. SO-FAR, HORIZONS or any Collectors of the Artworks are not allowed to edit, modify, distort, or misrepresent the Artworks in any way when they are displayed.
  4. Artists on the SO-FAR platform grant SO-FAR a non-exclusive license to use and exploit the intellectual property rights in the Artworks for the restricted purposes of (i) promoting the Artist, the Artworks, as well as SO-FAR, HORIZONS, or any related programme, event, or activities through any medium, including (ii) reproducing the Artworks in SO-FAR or HORIZONS catalogues and publications in print or online. Artists will always be credited for the usage and reproduction of their Artworks by SO-FAR and HORIZONS.
  5. Artists grant Collectors the rights to download the original files of the Artworks, display, resell and trade the Artworks they collect on SO-FAR, or any other NFT gallery, platform or marketplace. Artists understand that there is no set minimum time period for Collectors to hold the NFT before resale.
  6. Artists on the SO-FAR platform will always earn a percentage of primary and secondary sales via pre-determined smart contract splits.

Collectors Rights

  1. SO-FAR guarantees the full authenticity and provenance of the Artworks to all Collectors.
  2. Collectors have the rights and options to download the original files, should they wish to provide email addresses to SO-FAR.
  3. Collectors have the right to remain anonymous during every point of the purchase and resale of the Artworks via SO-FAR.
  4. Collectors have the right to display the Artworks for personal, non-commercial use according to the best recommended practices, instructions and display resolutions as recommended by SO-FAR. Collectors should be mindful to respect the integrity of the Artworks, and to not distort the Artworks when they are displaying them.
  5. Collectors must not display the Artworks in relation to any images or content of hatred, violence, intolerance, cruelty, abuse or any other inappropriate behaviour.
  6. Collectors must respect the full intellectual property and copyrights of the Artists, and cannot in any way modify the Artworks or use the Artworks for commercial use, such as in merchandising, selling or advertising third-party products or services, or in attaching any other trademarks to the Artworks.
  7. Collectors have the right to loan or lease the Artworks to any third party, such as galleries, museums or other Collectors.
  8. Collectors have the right to resell the Artworks through SO-FAR’s secondary marketplace at a 7% royalty and transfer fee paid out to SO-FAR, the Artists and any other curatorial partners or stakeholders. Collectors have the right to resell the Artworks through any other third party marketplaces at their own discretion, so long as the marketplace cryptographically verifies that they are the rightful owner.