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Ang Kia Yee

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Total Eclipse Plumage exhibition cover page. Courtesy

SO-FAR reviews

Empty Orchestra Heart: Karaoke culture and aesthetics through’s Total Eclipse Plumage Ang Kia Yee
Still image from Love 3.0 2021 interactive game designed and deceloped by artist collective Keiken in collaboration Obso1337, Ryan Vautier, Sakeema Crook, Khidja Wisdoms
Screenshot from Supply Chain Broadcast YouTube video.
Bank notes, and powder of bank notes, frame by acrylic sheet and metal box
Marjetica Potrč, The Basket Weaver drawing in ink on paper in red, blue and black lines on a white background, schematic

SO-FAR reads

I, Robomancer: Japan, Buddhism, and Artificial Intelligence Ang Kia Yee