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About SO-FAR

SO-FAR is a curated NFT marketplace and new media collective featuring future-oriented coverage on crypto, culture and consciousness. Our ambition is to collaboratively forge an archive of common knowledge and a map for the many futures we have created and will create. We champion curiosity, criticality and plurality in our approach, holding space for minoritarian voices on the fringes of the digital divide. 

The Voice of SO-FAR

We read the future critically but also with patience, curiosity and an appreciation for the beauty and potential of the unknown. Voices featured on our platform are critical but never cynical — speaking to hyper-current trends with refreshing, holistic and alternative perspectives. We aim to publish intelligent writing which is direct, crisp and jargon-free. Regardless of length, we expect to see rigour, research and thoughtfulness behind every piece. We’re interested in pitches about:

  • Art
  • Technology
  • Web3
  • Virtual worlds
  • Interdisciplinary crossovers
  • Ecology
  • Rituals 
  • Regeneration

But more than these individual topics, we’re interested in the rich terrain where they overlap and recombine. You might write about new trends in psychedelic research, the governance mechanisms of in-game worlds, the lore that circulates around an NFT project, how blockchain protocols are being put to work to enable ecological resilience, or what a galaxy-brain moment in a flotation tank taught you about artificial general intelligence. We’re especially interested in writing that challenges the Western-centric perspective of much of the Web3 space.

How to Contribute

We are accepting pitches for our short-form Weekly columns. Before approaching us with a pitch, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with the content, style, rigour and ethos of SO-FAR. Take time to read the details of each column below to find out which would best suit your work. Please also pay special attention to the accepted formats for each column. We expect writers to be responsive and deadline-driven.

Email to submit your ideas, and do not forget to include:  

  • A brief introduction to who you are, the work you’ve done and the work you intend to do
  • A pitch of what you would like to write about and preferred column
  • At least two writing samples  

**Please note that we have a strict word count limit of 750-1500. We kindly ask for your mutual respect by strictly adhering to our guidelines.**


What feels futuristic and what feels newly resigned to the past? What new technologies or concepts excite or terrify you? A column that features cogent and critical essays that chart the ever-shifting terrain of the present. 

Format: Essays

SO-FAR Collects

What will collecting, purchasing, archiving and displaying art look like as we march into an increasingly virtualised future? A column spotlighting nuanced conversations with curators, collectors and developers who push the boundaries of the traditional art world. 

Format: Interviews


What broadens and bends your horizons in your part of the world? What have you seen, heard and felt that has challenged and consoled you? This column presents essays that explore our relationship to place and the ability of travel to both heighten and suspend our sense of reality.

Format: Essays

SO-FAR Reads

A review of books that chart the contours of the world to come. The column features tech-oriented books, philosophical treatises and science fiction universes that speak to the present, the anticipated and the unseen.

Format: Essays, extracts

SO-FAR Plays

Playful and poetic reviews of video games, virtual and augmented reality interactives, gamified Web3, and other virtual experiences. The column also features conversations with gamers, game designers and gaming industry founders.

Format: Essays, interviews

SO-FAR So Good

This column features essays on our favourite “slow” and mindful tech projects and interviews with founders, creators and technologists whose work is grounded by this ethos.

Format: Essays, interviews

SO-FAR Studios

A foray into the practices of new media artists whose work engages with tech. Through essays and interviews this column takes readers on a tour through artistic practices and minds.

Format: Essays, interviews

SO-FAR Focus

Cutting through both empty shilling and smug cynicism, this column features long-form essays highlighting the artists and thought-leaders making the biggest waves in the NFT and Web3 space. 

Format: Essays

SO-FAR Reviews

Intelligent and incisive commentary on drops, exhibitions, performances and events that linger in the mind. A critical yet curious look at the ongoings of the contemporary art world in all its forms.

Format: Essays